At the NERD Laboratory the keywords — Nature-Inspired, Engineering, Robotics, and Design — summarize our work where we apply our expertise from numerous fields towards fundamental research, applied research, and product development. We collaborate across disciplines to explore challenges from a different perspective. Past projects have included legged robots, micro flapping robots, wearable assistive devices, and medical device development. Currently, we are exploring new sensing and control paradigms in soft robotics, robotic additive manufacturing for austere environments and Soldier-inspired innovation.


Kevin C. Galloway

Principal Investigator

Research Assistant Professor,

Mechanical Engineering

Directory of Making at the Wond’ry

Director of Design as an Immersive Vanderbilt Experience (DIVE)

Vanderbilt University Faculty Profile

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Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering,

University of Pennsylvania, 2010

B.S., Mechanical Engineering,

University of Pennsylvania, 2004

Charlie Gallentine

1st-year PhD student

Co-advised with Prof. Barth and Prof. Webster

MeiLissa McKay

1st-year PhD student

Co-advised with Prof. Barth and Prof. Webster

Xue Ye Lin

Undergraduate Researcher

Xue Ye Lin

Undergraduate Researcher


nashville scene v2
Prof. Galloway recognized by Nashville Scene for "Best Maker Alliance"
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Prof. Galloway recognized for innovation in teaching
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Dr. Kelsay Neely recognized for her research on 4D printing with thermite.
tennessean front page April 7 2020 IV
Prof. Galloway, Webster and Team make front page of Tennessean for low-cost ventilator project.
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Prof. Galloway hosts Soldiers at the Wond'ry makerspace for a Day of Making and Innovation

Current Projects

Reactive Material Paste for Additive Manufacturing


Naval Surface Warfare Center — Indian Head

Collaborators: Kelsey Hatzell (Vanderbilt),

 Al Strauss (Vanderbilt), 

Model-Based Design and Control of Power-Dense Soft Hydraulic
Robots for Demanding and Uncertain Environments

Sponsor: NSF Emerging Frontiers in Research and

Innovation C3 SoRo

Collaborators: Eric Barth (Vanderbilt),

Rob Webster (Vanderbilt), Kourosh Shoele (FSU),

Jonathan Clark (FSU), Daniel Rucker (UT Knoxville)

Soldier-Inspired Innovation Incubator for
Discovering Research-Based Solutions

Sponsor: Vanderbilt University’s Trans-Institutional

Programs initiative

Collaborators: (VUSE) Doug Adams, Karl Zelik,

Janos Sztipanovits; (VUMC) Sean Collins, Tonia Rex,

Mark Wallace; (Peabody College) Laurie Cutting;

(Owen School) David Owens; (A&S) Andrew Coe,

John McLean

Evolutionary Approach to Optimal Morphology of Transformable Soft Robots

Sponsor: NSF Div. of Information and

Intelligent Systems

Collaborators: Isuru Godage (DePaul University),

Nicholas Cheney (University of Vermont)


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Patents Pending

  1. Stealth Mode Medical 
  2. Stealth Mode DoD
  3. K.C. Galloway, K. Neely, A.J. Valles, R. Clark, J. Frederick. Rapidly Customizable Enclosures for Shape Charges.
  4. K.C. Galloway, S Sanan, R. Granberry, D. Wagner, C. Walsh. Fabric-Based Soft Actuators.
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